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Websites Why do I need one?

Some may think about cutting back on website activities during times of economic contraction, but that is when we need to remind ourselves why we have a website in the first place.

A website is very cost effective and costs as much as some single ads in magazines and newspapers, yet has staying power and longevity instead of a one time use. The site can grow with the business and promote a current and updated message to visitors and customers. Moreover, most everyone does some type of online research prior to purchasing a product or service. Many redundant inquiries can also be addressed on a website FAQ to more effectively utilize personel.

The web offers a global 24-7 presense and is the most efficient medium for connecting with customers. Using video has been shown to connect and convert offerings over twice as much as websites that do not offer product or service video information.

You can deliver your message to a wide community and achieve many measureable goals such as obtaining sales leads, providing detailed product and service information, build trust, offset or reduce other offline advertising costs, utilize your organization more effectively, tell your story in words, pictures and video, refine your market research and disseminate your brand.

Many novice website designers and business people alike make the same mistake time and time again when it comes to ordering a new website. They attempt to win the next graphical web design prize and invest alot of time and resources into over-designing a non-user friendly and not findable site by the search engines. So at the outset be very clear if your website is an income and lead generating tool for your business, or if it is a design winning masterpiece that very few will ever see, leaving you upside down in your website investment.

Leads and Sales are the lifeblood of any serious business. If you aren't running a site for vanity or as a hobby, then get a decent website that generates traffic and converts leads into dollars.